Seattle Cannabis Cup Winners


Since the legalization of medical marijuana in 1996, cannabis enthusiasts and supporters have searched for ways to showcase their products in an expanding market. Due to binding laws and the hammer of Federal Government sometimes this opportunity falls short to the mass public. However, in recent years and with recent progressive strides in state legislation, it is now legal to consume recreational marijuana in certain parts of the country. It’s 2016 and if you are just now learning about this, you shouldn’t even finish this article. The green rush has been all the rage since the legalization of recreational use began in 2012, and each year the movement grows larger.

Colorado and Washington are at the forefront of the recreational marijuana movement and are also making long strides in the medical sector. The High Times has been hosting a Cannabis Cub since the late 1980’s to showcase the finest herbs, concentrates, and edibles available. Since the introduction of medical marijuana to the United States, the Cannabis Cup has also taken its place as the leader in finding the top strains from different regions of the country. Unfortunately due to the 2015 Cannabis Cup being cancelled, the latest data regarding the Washington Cannabis Cup is from 2014, but the strains are dynamite either way.

The list that I have compiled for you contains the top strains from both Indica and Sativa categories. In case you forgot, Indica strains are a body high, and Sativa is more of an energetic head high. The strains listed were all grown in Washington based dispensaries, and can still be found today.

Let’s start with the Sativa winners:

  1. Super Silver Haze from Life is Good Healing. This strain is an OG, winning the High Times Cannabis cup way back in 1997, 98, and 99. When smoking SSH users experience an energetic body high, almost like a trippy caffeine boost. This herb helps deal with high levels of stress and rolls over your body like a mellow cloud of fog. Super Silver also helps with eating disorders, restoring the appetite and taming nausea. Super Silver Haze lives up to its reputation as an OG strain.
  2. Hawaiian Dutch from Zen Living Cooperating and Just Ice Wax Co-lab. Hawaiian Dutch is another Sativa heavyweight with a nice tropical, citrus taste to it. HD is described on as “the best part of being drunk while being sober” and if you’ve used this flower I’m sure you understand that statement better than most. HD offers a nice body high with a super mellow come down.
  3. Durban Poison from TJ’s Organic Gardens. Durban Poison rounds out the Sativa winners with its energetic and uplifting high. If you are looking for the strain that is going to boost your creativity and keep you productive, look no further. DP sparks creativity, and with a strong, sweet smell it smokes like a dream.

Let’s take a look at the Indica Winners:

  1. Cookie Monster from the Source Genetics. You guys remember that big, blue, goofy eyed simpleton from Sesame Street? Well, this strain is an accurate representation of that character. Cookie Monster has a relaxed, euphoric effect almost like a decaffeinated hit of shatter wax. This strain is going to make you happy, plain and simple, so don’t be surprised if you catch yourself getting the giggles! Cookie Monster goes down smooth with a sweet, earthy taste, and will keep you coming back for more cookies.
  2. Grandma’s Batch from Heirloom Genetics. Just like those special cookies grandma used to make the genetics on this strain are actually quite the mystery. Grandma used to make her cookies with a little extra love, but Grandma’s Batch has an extremely high potency and will pin you to the couch if you are not careful. This full on body melter is great for long-term anxiety and PTSD due to the tranquil head high it produces.
  3. Kaya’s Koffee from Pacific Northwest Roots. Kaya’s Koffee is almost like a cup of coffee in terms of the high it produces because she likes to hit you in stages. The high starts off spacey, and transforms into smiles. The entire process of the high involves clear euphoria, excitement, and good old-fashioned delirium. (We call it the giggles) Kaya’s Koffee is great for pain due to the high potency, and with a sour Kush flavor it’s clear to see why Pacific Northwest Roots brewed themselves a clear path onto this least.

These strains and many more are showcased at dispensaries throughout the state of Washington, and information on their genetics, genomes, and pedigree’s can be found in house. These strains are not arranged in any particular order from best to worst; they are just the chosen few that High Times found exceptional for their categories. We sure hope Cannabis Cup 2016 will be returning to Washington so that you can go experience all the wonderful euphoria yourself!