Support for Medical Marijuana in Tallahassee.


On Monday (2/22/16) the Tallahassee Democrat newspaper offered the full weight of it’s editorial support in favor of the revised 2016 version of the proposed Medical Marijuana Amendment (Amendment 2 on the November ballot).

The Democrat points out that Florida needs to catch up with the rest of the nation by legalizing the use of Medically prescribed marijuana. They point out that:

“At least 23 states, plus the District of Columbia and Guam, now allow doctors to prescribe marijuana. Four states have fully legalized the drug for recreational use, and legalization initiatives are on some big-state ballots next fall.”

The paper also points out that they are not supporting loose medical marijuana controls like in the ‘farcical’ California system where “doctors hand out prescriptions to anyone claiming to have a headache or feel anxiety, and pseudo “counselors” do a lively commercial trade in pot.”

The Democrat seems to be optimistic about passage of “Amendment 2” in 2016 because there will be more younger voters at the polls to participate in the presidential election cycle and there are more and more older voters who have come to understand the relief medical marijuana can provide to people who are suffering the severe side-effects of cancer treatments like chemotherapy.