Welcome to the Southeast Leaf.com.


The Southeast Leaf is my vision that I hope to have become the voice of the pro-legalization in the campaign to legalize marijuana in the State of Florida for medical purposes. My goal is to build a ground swell of voices, all sharing the same message. I want to give those who still have not been heard, a voice that is louder, stronger and more effective than those who preach intolerance and restriction.

How will the Southeast Leaf do this?

We will do this by researching and sharing the latest information on the medical efficacy of marijuana as a medical remedy, perhaps one that is better than many traditional and in-effective treatments.

We will inform the community and the public about progress in the stages to have a successful pro medical marijuana referendum outcome in 2016.

We will analyze causes for defeat in Florida in 2014, and determine how to craft a successful campaign next time around!

We will inspire others to become advocates in this fight.

We will provide the facts that will achieve this outcome.

We will build links between people of similar intent to build a strong network, a team, if you will.

We will share lessons learned in those states that have already removed archaic restrictions on the use of cannabis.

Finally, we intend to share the current updates on products and trends in the marijuana growing community.

Our goals for Southeast Leaf are many, including that it be Florida’s premier informational cannabis magazine. It is our goal to deliver the knowledge our readers need to form their own opinions about Florida’s cannabis related topics. We also want to engage you, our readers, in the discussion. Please send us letters and comment on the articles and blogs we present. Share your experiences. Let us hear from you!

We created the venue of The Southeast Leaf because we felt there is not enough information available to Florida’s voters on the 2016 marijuana bill. To keep our readers engaged, we plan to present the latest information about the hot topics in the world of cannabis.

Take a look at the topics in this premier issue-

Facts about Florida’s 2016 proposed marijuana legislation

CBD-WHAT is it?

Current legal status of CBD products in Florida.

Why we need advocates for the legalization bill.

How your effort matters and what you can do to help?

Join us on this journey of discovery and advocacy. Check out our Facebook Page. Tell your friends about us so that our community will continue to grow. Share your thoughts.

Your tour guide on this journey,


Nicholas Allard, Editor